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Who we are.

The Brun Company is a full-service commercial real estate firm with expertise in commercial property management as well as leasing and sales brokerage. Founded in 1990, The Brun Company has an established reputation in the Atlanta market. What sets us apart from our competitors is the length of the relationships with our clients (typically five years or longer, and in many cases, over a dozen years). This is no accident; there are certain Rules that The Brun Company lives by, which helps create these very long-term client relationships.

Rules we live by.

1. The Rule of Honesty. We deal with our clients honestly, whether leasing office space, negotiating sales contracts, or balancing the books for properties we manage. Our reputation for honesty is a key component of our success. Whether we represent you as your leasing or sales agent, or as your management agent handling monies on your behalf for a property you own, you will never have to wonder whether you'll being dealt with honestly and fairly.

2. The Rule of Time. Time is our most valuable resource and yours as well. Our philosophy is simple: we are here to save you time, not waste your time. We have the knowledge and experience to serve you well and serve you efficiently.

3. The Rule of Success. Success shouldn't depend on which way the wind is blowing. At The Brun Company, we stay on top of market trends and opportunities, and move aggressively to capitalize on them. Not all real estate companies do. Talk to other firms and agents, and then meet with us. We think you'll notice a real difference in the range of possibilities we can offer for discussion. That shouldn't be surprising. We know our markets inside and out, and our clients benefit from our knowledge and level of expertise.

4. The Rule of Happiness. At The Brun Company, we aim to please you with our performance. Our goal is to build long term relationships with our clients. We do that by giving you our honest and best advice, even if it might not be to our own immediate best interest. We are proud to say that we have leased and managed properties for several clients for over ten years, and that for one property, we have managed it for two owners over the course of nearly twenty years. Our record speaks for itself—we put your best interests first and, in doing so, we build relationships. When long term relationships are formed, it means that you are happy, and so are we.

5. The Rule of Creativity. At The Brun Company, we treat problems as challenges to be solved. Like a problem property—what does it need to make it work? How can we assure the owner the greatest return on his investment? Problems give us a chance to exercise our creativity and come up with winning solutions for you.

Change is inevitable, and we try to use it to your advantage: to reposition properties, target new tenants, or rethink marketing strategies. Sometimes, finding the right solution is a matter of finding out where a property's potential lies and then tapping into it.

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